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The Survival Hub is a collection of free and researched guides for people who want to survive in the most brutal and extreme conditions. We do all the research so that you can save your time and you don’t have the stress of figuring out what to buy.

These guides are collection of tips, tricks, and skills that will assist you in all skill levels of wilderness survival whether you’re a complete beginner or an expert prepper.

Here at The Survival Hub, we are dedicated to finding and reviewing the best survival gear out there.

We provide the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to learn how to survive in extreme conditions.

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Our Writer

Eric spent six years training the military’s most elite soldiers in how to survive behind enemy lines. His last assignment was working directly with private security firms on a top-secret program designed to teach operatives how to survive if a helicopter were to be shot down behind enemy lines or if they were taken as prisoners.

Now he is a survival instructor and advanced wilderness operations trainer, and for the past decade he has taught thousands of people how to survive in the wilderness.

On The Survival Hub, Eric teaches survival skills — not just the theory, but the practice.

Eric Birch will show you how to prepare, what to do in an emergency situation, what tools you need, how to find food and water, and how to signal for rescue as well.

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