How to Build a Survival Cache? [Complete Guide in 2022]

In the world that we live in today, we often hear about how it is very vital to stock up on necessary supplies caches such as water, food, shelter, and other things that you might need in case of an emergency. In general, it is crucial to stock the supplies that are required for survival. 

You must have tapped on this article because you want to know everything about building a survival cache. For those of you who don’t know what we are talking about, hang in there! We will start with the basics and then proceed further. 

So a survival cache is a place where you hide all your valuables that can be used to survive in case of emergencies. A survival cache keeps you prepared for an emergency. Imagine being away from home as well as your bug-out location, and being in a situation where you are eager for warmth, water, and food. That is precisely when your survival cache will come in handy to help you complete your journey.

The most interesting part is that life is uncertain. You can be put in an unpredictable situation at any time, and a survival cache lets you be prepared at all times. 

What Should Be There In Survival Caches?

Now that you have understood the meaning and the importance of a survival cache, it is time that we tell you about the necessary supplies that should be there inside of it. These are a few of the many supplies that are needed for survival. 


First things first, water should top the list of supplies that need to be in your survival cache. You can add water pouches to your survival cache. You need to consider the number of pockets considering that you need it to cook food and hydrate. You should also consider the number of people that are going to use the cache. Don’t take water lightly. You will thank us later! 


The second important thing that comes to our mind is a shelter for survival. You need to protect yourself, and for that, you need to pack a blanket, a few pairs of socks, and anything that takes less space and will keep you warm. This ensures that you stay warm at all times and have something to keep yourself covered. 


This may seem like a task as it is not easy to store food in a survival cache, but it is necessary for survival. Go for freeze-dried food or dehydrated packets so that you just need hot water to prepare them. You can also use cold water to rehydrate these food pouches, but it will take longer. It would be best if you even considered putting a metal pot and a few other utensils in the cache. 

First Aid Kit

Next up, First Aid! Anybody can get hurt. You should always add a few bandages, medicines, and other items to the cache. In case you are on medication, check with your doctor and see whether your medicines can be stored in the survival cache or not. 


Trust us; you will need fire! Fire will help you stay warm, and it will also allow you to heat the water to prepare the frozen food packets. We suggest you store several ways to light a fire. 

Tools To The Rescue 

From torches to knives, you need to stash essential tools in your survival cache as they will come in handy. You should also add in a few extra batteries to be on the safe side. 

Where Should You Hide Your Survival Cache?

  • The survival caches are made for worst-case scenarios like when you can’t get a hold of your Bug Out Bags. Keeping that in mind, your survival cache should be hidden in places that might be around your home, your Bug Out Location, or in the middle of the two. 
  • Another place where you can hide your survival cache is your home itself. This is when you get robbed and don’t have anything else but your survival supplies to count on! 

One more thing that you need to keep in mind is that your survival cache should be hidden in a secluded place. This way you won’t be spotted by anyone. 

Moving ahead, let’s talk about the places where you shouldn’t be hiding the survival cache. 

  • The survival cache shouldn’t be kept in any kind of abandoned buildings as those buildings might start getting used in emergency scenarios. 
  • Another place where you should never hide your survival cache is the flood zones, which can be dangerous for your life. 

A Few Tips To Ensure That Your Cache Stays Safe Underground 

  1. Don’t get too excited and bury the cache way too deep into the ground. If you end up burying it too deeply, you might not be able to access it when in need. 
  2. Please don’t rely on landmarks as they can move. It would help if you went for GPS coordinates or maps to see where you are going to bury your cache. 
  3. Keep checking your survival cache! Digging it up now and then will ensure that it is safely kept in its place. You should also take a look at the area so that you can move the survival cache if necessary. 

Final Words…

That was it for this article! We hope that this guide helps you out in every way possible. Your end goal should be to take the help of this guide and plan everything before you go ahead with building your own survival cache. We will see you in the next survival guide! 

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