9 Best Survival Tent for Every Survival Situation in 2022

Wherever you travel, what’s the first thing we look out for? Is it the best restaurant? Or the best scenery? No!

We look for shelter!

Having a roof on your head gives away a feeling of being safe, dry and full of comfort. The same applies when you’re camping and trekking. A good survival tent helps you be safe. To make it easy for you to choose from a plethora of options, we will list down some of the best survival tents today.

In a hurry? This is the Best Survival Tent for you...

Best Survival Tent
➞   Easy to set up
➞   UV resistant
➞   Dual doors available
➞   Gear loft available

1. ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr

First, we have the ALPS mountaineering Zephyr that’s a three-person tent! It’s highly affordable & can be built in a quick time. 


  • This is created with quality 75D 185T polyester material that is durable.
  • ALPS tents are user friendly & extremely easy to assemble.
  • Factory-sealed floor seams give you excellent protection from any weather
  • The Mesh walls of the tent provide fabulous ventilation.
  • It also boasts of a spacious vestibule for storing all your gear.


  • Easy to set up
  • UV resistant
  • Dual doors available
  • Gear loft available


  • Average quality Rain-fly
  • Tent base gets wet
  • Tent is heavy

2. Sharp Survival Emergency

Sharp has provided an ideal tent that you can use for multiple purposes like fishing, hunting & camping. This is an emergency tent that is set up with the least amount of steps! 


  • Ideal for emergencies as you can set up this tent in a short period.
  • This tent is crafted out from a Mylar thermal material that reflects approximately 90%* of body heat.
  • The tent is waterproof and windproof, making it easy to keep yourself warm.
  • The tent is reusable and very easy to pack. You can carry it in your backpack.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can set up within a few minutes
  • Highly durable


  • The tent doesn’t close up 100%
  • Extremely noisy in wind conditions

3. SE Emergency Outdoor Tube

SE is a brand well known in the market for its emergency tents. These can be folded and carried in a small backpack making it a portable tent! 


  • The interior of the tent is aluminium coated. This insulates and reflects body heat very well.
  • This tent is waterproof, tear-resistant and reusable. Now isn’t that a lot?
  • You will get 23 feet of rope and four tent pegs to set up this tent comfortably.
  • The metal grommets will protect wear and tear of fabric from the rope.


  • Easy setup
  • Use as ground cover/blanket


  • Always need to clamp it tight
  • Need a tree to set up

4. 12 Survivors Shire

A tent that weighs about 5.5 pounds is a tent? Yes, 12 survivors are the ideal version of a survivable tent that gives you more storage options.


  • The tent has a base size of about 7×3.5 feet and fits two people comfortably.
  • There are two full-sized doors on each side of the tent.
  • The Shire has a mesh to allow optimum airflow. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy setup
  • Can fit inflatable sleeping pad


  • Not meant for warmth
  • Bigger & heavier

5. ALPS Mountaineering Extreme

ALPS also has a big mountaineering tent that has a free-standing, three-pole design. Also considered to be strong and sturdy, this tent can survive extreme weather and keep you safe.


  • Lightweight at 7 pounds, this tent is a considerable option that is compact and spacious.
  • ALPS also provides a rain-fly that creates two vestibules. This gives you extra storage. 
  • This tent will also provide you with protection against UV rays and rain.
  • Mesh windows are present to provide a decent amount of airflow.


  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Durable & sturdy aluminium poles
  • Gear storage and weather protection


  • Heavier tent 
  • No stargazing option

6. MSR Hubba Hubba NX

The Hubba Hubba NX2 is known to be created with the highest quality and is ultra-light as well.


  • NX2 has two large side-entry vestibules to store your gear.
  • The tent has a cross-ventilating and adaptable rain-fly that can be used for stargazing.
  • This tent is lightweight and has a compact design making it suitable for long distances.
  • It is flexible, airy, and rainproof, making it one of the best tents available.


  • Adequate elbow & legroom
  • Rain-fly gives stargazer view


  • Vestibules not wide enough
  • Can fit two persons only

7. Kelty Grand Mesa

Kelty Grand Mesa has won many awards as one of the best backpacking outdoor tents.


  • 4 Pounds! That’s what this tent weighs. Because of the lightweight, it becomes easy to pack and carry along.
  • The colour-coded clip system makes it easy to set up a tent for beginners too.
  • This tent also has a stargazing fly making it easy to stargaze at night!
  • It’s a 3 season tent with adequate storage vestibules for storing your gear.


  • Easy to set up
  • Three different setups
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Brilliant weather protection


  • Not winter friendly
  • Poles aren’t robust

8. Mountain-Smith Morrison

Morrison from Mountain smith is made from the finest materials that keep the interior portion as dry as possible.


  • Apart from being lightweight (over 4 pounds), there’s ample room for two people to rest & store their gear!
  • Ideal for camping, backpacking, and hiking because of its superior ventilation.
  • Protection from each weather makes this the ideal tent for all your outdoor adventures.


  • Colour-coded setup system
  • Highly ventilated
  • Lightweight


  • Seams are weak
  • Quality issues in stitching

9. Mountain-smith Genesee

Lastly, we have the Genesee that’s an all-season tent with weather protection and high comfortability.


  • There are two doors & vestibules that provide ample space for the occupants.
  • It’s created with tent fly ventilation that means be ready for an airy experience.
  • This tent has interior mesh storage that gives extra space where you can store items.
  • Finally, this tent is sturdy and durable to a whole new level.


  • Fit for all seasons
  • Very airy
  • Easy to assemble


  • No UV proofing
  • Smaller vestibules

Buying Guide for Best Survival Tent

Congratulations if you’ve decided to purchase a survival tent. It’s good to see you give importance to shelter first. Now, a survival tent or an emergency tent must be able to perform specific tasks. These tasks can be like keeping you safe, warm and dry!

Hence we will craft a buying guide for you that will list down the basic requirements of a tent. Some of these might be essential for extreme weather conditions, backpackers and even emergencies. Hence we request you to keep all these points in mind before your purchase.

Purpose of your tent

Before getting down to the nitty-gritty of your tent requirements, pay attention to the primary use of the tent. Once you answer this question, choosing a tent gets easier.

If your purpose is to be more mobile, then a portable tent will come in handy. Sometimes you might head for a full day trek but just want to play it safe. In such emergencies, you can look out for emergency shelters that can be built quickly.

In short, whether it’s camping, hunting, trekking or any other reason, define the purpose of your tent. This will help you shortlist many tents out of the equation.

Number Of People in Tent

The next important factor is the occupants in the tent. This is because the size of your tent will vary with every increasing person. So will the gear and accessories. You might wish to have more space for your gear within the tent.

The decisions you make will pave the way for comfort and weight. A family-based tent might be on the heavier side, and an emergency tent will be lighter. But that’s what you need to understand.

Hence before you think of anything else, define the number of people that will be in the tent. This will make it easier for you to choose one!

Weight of the tent

While camping, the number one rule is to travel light as much as you can. This is because you will be the one holding all the gear and travelling until the very end. Hence after defining the number of occupants, it’s wise to look for a lightweight tent.

In emergencies, a lightweight tent will come in handy. If the trek is just for one night, you can look for a tent that’s on the heavier side but offers multiple features. Overall, look for a bag that provides you good features, is ergonomic and is lighter to the limit.

Time is taken to set up your tent

After a long day of trekking/camping, one wouldn’t wish to waste time setting up a tent. Also, if the tent has complex requirements to set up, it might often lead to irritation and frustration. This can ruin your travel experience.

What’s worse is that in extreme weather conditions, a tent that cannot be set up quickly can have drastic effects on your health. Not only that, but taking it down must also take less time.

What’s the point of a shelter that takes more time in setting up and taking down? Hence look for an ideal tent that’s easy for one person to set up in the least amount of time.

The durability of the tent

What’s the point of a tent that cannot survive extreme weather? Depending on the use of your tent, look for fabric that fits the purpose. Some tents’ fabric is made to ensure you get maximum warmth. Some tents will have a mesh and a weather-proof fly. 

Based on your requirements, the fabric will change. But we prefer durable tents that don’t tear off easily. Not only that but these tents should be able to withstand extreme weather.

Because without good shelter, your life can be in danger. This can also hamper your travel experience. Hence choose the best durable tent available.

Seams & Extra Features/Accessories

A well-stitched seam defines a solidly built tent. One of the best tents has folded seams with double stitching. With such a tent, you are bound to be warm and safe. Not only that, but these tents also are most of the time water sealant that provides extra protection.

Apart from general features, you can also look for extra and unique features. These unique features will make your tent stand out from the rest. Extra features can be like a rain-fly, a vestibule, extra storage space, ventilation & stargazer fly. An ideal tent is one that can provide basic & few unique features.

Rain & Snow

Out of all the extreme weathers, rain and snow can be a mood dampener. It can ruin your sleep too. Survival tents have different types like a general one season or even a 3-4 season tent. These special tents can survive extreme weather and keep you protected as well.

When you trek in snowy conditions, a tent that can keep you warm with a footprint is considered to be an ideal tent. Check for the seams, rain-fly and any other factor that might affect your camping experience. Once you are clear with all these features, camping in rains or snow-clad places will get better.

Colour And Shape

Yes, this is important as well. Everything doesn’t need to be all black and white right? Let’s bring some colour to our lives. A good tent with a bright colour can help you. In extreme conditions, when you’re alone and need rescuing, a bright coloured tent will help you get rescued. 

For the rest who like their privacy and stay hidden, you can opt for the camouflaged colour. This will ensure you keep prying eyes away from you. Apart from colour, the shape is important too. Tents that sit low or have an aerodynamic shape will be the best choice for you.

So this is our buying guide with eight essential factors that you must consider. We agree it’s a lot of pointers. Still, you need to understand that we are discussing shelter that is quite important for every person!


In conclusion, survival tents must be your number 1 priority. Understand the buying guide as it will help you choose the best tent as per your requirement at the right cost. We hope this article will help you make the right buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions on Survival Tents

What is the best pocket survival tent?

The best pocket survival tent is one that doesn’t eat a lot of space. This also happens to be the most portable tent that you can carry along wherever you go!

What is the best survival tent?

The best survival tent will be one that’s durable, user friendly and suits weather conditions that you’re travelling in.

Why do you need a tent during a survival kit?

Shelter is the primary requirement in survival conditions. Hence a tent must be part of each survival kit. This is because it will help you live with a roof on your head and keep you safe.

Steps on how to make a survival tent out of sticks.

Choose a location, gather as many sticks as you can, use the largest stick, and balance it on towards a tree! Once this foundation is set and strong, place other sticks in the opposite direction, creating an inverted “V”. That should help!

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