The 8 Best Survival Hatchets Reviewed (with Buying Guide)

When you travel in the wild, everyone at some point must have mentioned about a survival hatchet. This hatchet is for moments when you go camping or in the wild. Now, what in the name is a survival hatchet? 

This is the one tool you need to survive in the wild. A survival hatchet is like an ax that is multipurpose and is known to be dependable. In the wild, your survival hatchet can be a part-time hammer, hunting knife, and a fire starter. That means, your basic hatchet cum woodcutter can do more than what you can imagine.

Here are four fantastic survival hatchets that we will review below…

1. Morakniv Boron Steel Camping Axe

We will begin this list with one of the best-reputed brands in the hatchet industry. Morakniv has several survival hatchets, and they mean business! Their ax in the market is known for its superior quality. With their steel camping ax, you can do a lot more than just cutting wood.

Oh yeah, the boron steel with black ED coating can survive anything right from city life or living in the woods. This is a lightweight hatchet created with the best of materials and the highest quality. You also get a black leather protective cover on the purchase of the ax.


  • Axe is made of boron steel that’s strong and sharp.
  • Functional and stylish to fit any type of user.
  • Handle material is created out of reinforced plastic
  • Strategically shaped wide bottom so you get more grip
  • Net Weight: 17.6 oz that makes it lightweight


  • Lightweight & durable
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Not for heavy-duty & hardcore jobs
  • Not a weapon choice

2. Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet

Who says hatchets can’t be stylish and luxurious? Handcrafted in the land of the Swedes, Gransfors Bruk has been creating amazing hatchets since 1902. These hand-forged axes are crafted to fulfill a particular function and with the best quality available. And if you love the environment as we do, rejoice as Gransfors Bruk manufactures axes that only have little impact on our beloved environment. 

The Wildlife Hatchet is traditionally crafted for people that are into camping and scouting. It does look small but has enough power to deliver the best of results. You can pack it in your rucksack. It does cost above $130, but as we say, luxury does come at a cost, right?


  • The blade is created out of carbon steel
  • Purely functional for camping and scouting
  • Perfectly balanced hatchet
  • Split small logs & large branches with ease
  • Created by a company with 118+ years of experience
  • Net Weight is 20.8 oz that’s balanced for an ax


  • Best hatchet for camping
  • More extended handle gives more power


  • Most expensive option at $130
  • Not apt for beginners 

3. Fiskars X 7 Hatchets

If we could go 350 years back in time, Fiskars would still be present. Started in 1649 in a tiny Finnish village, they are a global supplier that provides a variety of products to customers.

Fiskars is known to create high-performance axes, and with years of experience, their axes chop with one-strike splits! Whether you need an ax for trimming, cutting, or clearing, it can manage everything. Their particular tacticalX7 hatchet is known for these features:


  • High-value hatchet at the lowest cost
  • Ideal for chopping medium logs
  • Advanced blade technology & sharp edges
  • Perfect for hikers and outdoor lovers
  • Net weight is 22.08 oz that’s on the heavier side


  • Extra blade penetration with each swing
  • Ideal weight distribution on the ax
  • The unbreakable design maximizes performance
  • The handle will resist the damage of overstriking


  • Edge retention isn’t great
  • Limited features due to low cost

4. Council Tool Velvicut Premium Hudson Bay Belt Hatchets

Let’s bring in a “Made in the USA” tag, shall we? Council Tool has been serving Americans and the rest of the world since 1886. Even after 130+ years, they follow their set of 4 beliefs that include building a quality product that’s full of value. Whether it’s an ax that costs $30 or $150, each of them is made using supreme quality. 

Their Velvicut Premium Hudson Bay Belt Hatchet is present in the market as a reliable and durable tool that can last for many years. Crafted from one of the best quality steel available, the blade is sturdy and packs a punch in one tiny hatchet. Here are some reasons:


  • Created with US 5160 knife steel
  • Made in USA components are used to create this ax
  • Head has a longer life span than a usual ax
  • Net weight is 20 oz that is very balanced
  • Sharpened for efficient performance


  • High-quality performance 
  • Best ax head life than competition
  • Maximum edge holding and toughness


  • Slightly expensive at $110

5. Estwing Camper’s Axe

Bringing you an American special from the 1920s, Estwing offers products like nail hammers, axes, geological and specialty products. What makes this brand special is the fact that it’s made in the U.S.A and hence has an emotional connection with the audience. They have multiple types of axes, and each works to the best of its abilities. Their Camper’s ax is considered to be special as it’s crafted for the modern camper. 


  • Crafted with solid American steel
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Patented shock reduction grip reduces impact vibration by 70%*
  • Perfect for chopping small and medium weight logs for firewood.


  • Hand sharpened edges
  • Must-have tool for campers
  • Black shock reduction grip helps!


  • Features restricted only to camping

6. CRKT Freyr Axe

CRKT is the youngest company on this list. CRKT is also called as Columbia River Knife and tool that started in 1994. Its main intention was to provide high-quality innovative products to bring change in the way people look at tools. Their Viking styled ax is amazing in multiple ways. Also based on the famous Norse design, this ax means business, and after reading its features, you’ll know why.


  • Forged with 1055 Carbon Steel
  • Unique Beard Design for head that has superior utility.
  • Tennessee Hickory Handle provides a good balance.
  • Known for its outstanding balance.
  • Net weight is 28.64 oz that’s on the heavier side.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty covers defects.
  • Unique Norse design than remaining options.
  • Well balanced ax!


  • Slightly expensive at $67

7. Condor Greenland Pattern Axe

Condor is a German brand that dates back to the 17th century. So it’s easy to guess they know what they’re doing and each product offering has been crafted with the best of quality. Their Greenland pattern ax is multipurpose and does a lot more than it looks.


  • Crafted with 1045 High Carbon Steel
  • The handle is an American Hickory 16 inch
  • Created using high-quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability


  • Highly durable
  • Nice quality handle
  • Lightweight


  • Takes extra time to re-sharpen

8. Silky Professional Series 568-10 ONO Chopper

Silky is the only entry in this list that hails from Japan. Started in the early 1900s, Silky is well known for its finest steel cutlery. Their products are known to be efficient, high quality and continue to raise the bar in terms of quality and innovation.

Their professional series chopper is a camper’s best friend. We say this as it can help you clear trails, set up timber for fire and ensure you enjoy your camping without any worries.


  • The chopper is made from premium Japanese steel
  • It also offers a unique blend of balance, strength, and weight.
  • The blade boasts of high strength and durability
  • Custom fitted carrying case is travel friendly.
  • Net weight is 28.2 oz that’s on the heavier side.


  • High-quality chopper
  • Fit for beginner and novice users


  • On the heavier side
  • Costly at $110

Survival Hatchet Buying Guide: How to buy the best survival hatchet?

When it comes to purchasing a survival hatchet, we need to be careful. This is because it’s not merely a perishable product that you can buy and use for daily purposes. We need to be careful and hence have created a buyer’s guide. You can follow these pointers and choose the apt hatchet that will suit your needs and requirements.


Perhaps this should be the first thing that you must be clear on. Here are some questions you need to answer like,

Are you the kind that loves trekking? 

When asked to choose, would you prefer camping, scouting, and staying outdoors?

Is it essential for you to go into the wild, or do you have a love for cutting logs to create a camp-fire?

Will the ax help you in regular work in your backyard like trimming leaves, small trees?

It is vital for a person to be clear with their needs, can you go ahead and choose the best ax. Some axes have been crafted for specific purposes like treks only (Fiskars X7), some work well for daily work (Council Tool Velvicut). Some are just meant to cut logs and deliver high performance (Morakniv Boron Steel), and some for camping(Gransfors Bruks Wildlife). 

The reason for this is that Axe making companies had found that their customers were not just looking for balanced products. They were also looking few wished to have a one-purpose styled ax! This makes it a unique ax. Now you can find unique axes everywhere, and hence we urge you to define your need before you make the purchase decision.


Once you have defined your need, we can then move on to the features that the ax offers. Some companies have been offering high-quality axes for decades and centuries. Each of these axes has been crafted for specific occasions. (Hence we asked you to define your need first). 

If a company with history can be trusted, then we are happy to tell you that some companies are as old as 350+ years. Some companies have a combined experience that crosses 600+ years. You can expect the best of the best hatchets ever.

There are features like steel type, head life, blade quality, and weight. You must check which ax is the best fit for you. If you’re the kind that wishes to own a blade that splits logs in one strike, look for a heavier option that swings well.

Are you the kind of user who’s looking for a lightweight hatchet? Then, in that case, look for axes that provide high-value performance with the least amount of weight. 

Do you want a durable hatchet? If that’s what you crave for, then look for some axes that boast of having the best head life. Also, research to find if they can survive for many years. 

When budget is the greatest concern, looking for a high-value ax becomes difficult. But don’t worry as there are axes that have been created for the regular folk too. These might seem tiny and lightweight but mind you; they would even make Jason Voorhees proud (from Friday the 13th)

Finally, if you’re looking for an all-rounder, then look for a blade that can split a log with less effort, is durable and lightweight. This will be the ideal choice for you. 


After defining your needs and finding the best features, next up would be the durability factor. Now, what good is an ax that cannot survive for over a month? For many, durability is not at all an important factor. But for us, it is!

A durable ax assures high performance for longer periods. This means you need not worry when you go camping or in the woods. You can be worry-free and enjoy your moment. 

The easier way to find out how durable an ax is to find out the head life. If the ax head can split logs with less effort, then it won’t spoil sooner. It would last for a long time and would help you in dire moments.


Finally, it all boils down to this!

The pricing factor often ends up as the major decision for a buyer. Whether it provides maximum features with guarantee, if it costs more than a couple of hundred dollars, a buyer might reconsider buying it. 

We urge you to consider the above three factors before you shortlist via pricing. We say this because not every low priced ax can promise you long term performance. On the same note, not every costly option is durable either. There must be a right mix of both!

If a person is looking for a one-time investment and doesn’t mind the costing, then there are two such axes mentioned above. These axes have been crafted using superior quality materials and deliver high performance.


In conclusion, we hope that this article has, in some way, helped you make a buying decision. We understand that survival hatchet is a serious choice to make. This is because your life might depend on it in events where you’re stuck somewhere in the wilderness.

We have tried our best to be unbiased in our reviews so you can make choices based on your needs and requirements. If you like our article and wish to share it with your family and friends, please do so! Who knows, someone might get enough help in choosing a survival hatchet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Survival Hatchets

What is a good hatchet?

A hatchet that does all the dirty work can split wood in one strike, helps make your life easy and can be termed as a good hatchet.

What is the difference between a hatchet and a tomahawk?

You can find the difference through handle length & cutting edge. A hatchet has a shorter handle & broad cutting edge. A tomahawk has longer handle and smaller cutting edge.

What is a camp AXE used for?

Using the camp axe, you can trim branches, chop meat, chop wood, use it as a hammer and for survival, use it as a weapon.

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